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Over the past four years, we have served as the Texas statewide water technology initiative. Starting in 2019, we seek to be a national driver for innovating, demonstrating, and investing in resiliency - drought, storm-flood, fire, earthquake, tsunami, cyber and critical infrastructure threats to public and private water supplies.

Organize.Implement. Perform

Through our annual InvestH2O Forum, quarterly Industry Round-tables, Confidential Briefings, and Regional Demonstration Hubs, we spark near-term results


Over the past four years, we have conducted extensive data-collection and assessment, leading to curation of leading reports, findings, and recommendations.

Gather. Facilitate. Act.

In collaboration with global, national, and regional subject matter experts, academic institutions and industry organizations, we host a series or encourage participation in existing events.

Our Sponsors and Underwriters:

We are honored to receive the support from international and national industry leaders including the advice, guidance and program direction from Holt Caterpillar and SVP Edward Craner. Beyond necessary resources, Holt Caterpillar and similar companies provide vital market insights and reality-checks on water innovation, resiliency, and investment scenarios.

Current Partnership Projects & Opportunities

We are honored to support the work of Changing the Future of Water - Our Youth and Student Partnership with Elequa and Ryan Beltran.  Check out the video to learn more and to play a role in sparking resilience by engaging the next generation of water entrepreneurs and operators.
Recent Partnerships


AccelerateH2O is a 501c3 IRS non-profit organization registered in State of Texas (EIN 46-1813010); all sponsorship, underwriter, fee-for-service and membership funds could be considered tax deductible.


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