Connect. Inform. Engage.

Over the past five years, we have served as the Texas statewide water technology initiative. Starting in 2019, we seek to be a national driver for innovating, demonstrating, and partnering in resiliency - drought, storm-flood, fire, earthquake, tsunami, cyber and critical infrastructure threats to public and private water supplies.


In just five years, we have conducted extensive data-collection and assessment, leading to curation of reports, findings, and recommendations on policies, practices and programs for workforce, technology adaptation, and now resilience-focused engagement.

Organize.Implement. Collaborate.

Through our annual InvestH2O Forum, quarterly Industry Round-tables, Confidential Briefings, and Regional Demonstration Hubs, we spark near-term results. And now with the launch of the Resilience Innovation Hub, we take our efforts to a new level.

Gather. Facilitate. Act.

In collaboration with global, national, and regional subject matter experts, academic institutions and industry organizations, we host a series or encourage participation in existing events.

Our Pivot is Complete:
Join us in our future endeavors focused on Pre-Disaster and Risk Mitigated Resilience via the Resilience Innovation Hub and Global Collaboratory Network. As of January 1, 2022, AccelerateH2O fades into the background as the emergence on "Future Proofing America" begins. www.resilienceinnovationhub.com

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